Bee & Butterfly images @uknaturegifts
(All images copyrighted Barbara Bromhead-Wragg)

     bee blossom @uknaturegifts      sweetpea bee @uknaturegifts      hairy footed flower bee @uknaturegifts        
  Wild Plum Blossom Bee 2012                                        Sweetpea Bee 2013                                    Hairy Footed Flower Bee 2013

 Chive Bee      Apple Blossom Bee      Wisteria Bee
Chive Bee 2017                                              Apple Blossom Bee 2018                                         Wisteria Bee 2016

red admiral @uknaturegifts          Speckled Wood        Orange Tip male 2016 
 Red Admiral 2014                                         Speckled Wood 2017                                                Orange Tip male 2016
peacock butterfly @uknaturegifts      Holly Blue on Dock 2017      ringlet @uknaturegifts
Peacock 2013                                       Holly Blue on Dock 2017                                  Ringlet 2016

                brassy ringlet @uknaturegifts      tortoiseshell butterfly @uknaturegifts       meadow brown @uknaturegifts         
Meadow Brown male 2016                                            Small Tortoiseshells 2014                                           Meadow Brown Female 2016 

   painted lady @uknaturegifts          peacock silhouette @uknaturegifts          Brimstone 2013
Painted Lady 2013                                              Peacock Shadow  2013                                               Brimstone 2014
   morning nectar @uknaturegifts       Comma Fir 2013       peacock butterfly on bench @uknaturegifts 
 Morning Nectar 2013                                        Comma Fir 2014                                         Peacock bench 2013

 Speckled Wood on Bramble      Comma warm 2016       Speckled Wood Peek 2017 

Speckled Wood on Bramble 2018                                       Comma warm 2016                                                 Speckled Wood 'Peek' 2017

 Orange tip female 2017        Green Veined White light 2017        Green Veined White dusk
Orange tip female 2017                                    Green veined White light 2017                               Green Veined White dusk 2017

 Essex Skipper butterfly     Small Copper butterfly      Gatekeeper butterfly
Essex Skipper 2018                                        Small Copper 2018                                         Gatekeeper 2018

More images to be added - watch this space...