Bird in my garden @uknature gifts
(All images copyrighted to Barbara Bromhead-Wragg)

Barn Swallow     Longtailed Tit perch     Greenfinch Pair
Barn Swallow.                              Longtailed Tit.                           Greenfinch pair.

Great tit twins     robin song @uknaturegifts     goldfinch perch @uknaturegifts
   Great tit siblings.                                                               Robin Song.                                                         Goldfinch perch.

 siskin @uknaturegifts      breezy goldfinch @uknaturegifts      sunny siskin @uknaturegifts
  Siskin Grey.                                              Breezy Goldfinch.                                        Sunny Siskin.

Wren perch       bullfinch with dandelion @iknaturegiftd       Young Marsh Tit     
   Wren Perch.                                      Bullfinch, dandelion beard.                                  Young Marsh Tit.

swans at sea @uknaturegifts        bashful swan @uknaturegifts      river wye swan @uknaturegifts
Swans, Pembroke Coast.                                                 Bashful Swan.                                                     River Wye Swan.

  juvenile woodpecker @uknaturegifts         redpoll female @uknaturegifts          Flip Duck
 Juvenile Woodpecker.                                    Redpoll female.                                            'Flip Duck'

drowsing male pheasant @uknaturegifts        male pheasant @uknaturegifts       Pheasant chicks     
Sleeping Pheasant.                                        Pheasant male.                                Pheasant chicks.

 wren @uknaturegifts        Young Garden Warbler        canadian geese @uknaturegifts
               Wren.                                               Young Garden Warbler                                        Canadian Geese.

            chaffinch bathtime @uknaturegifts      Young Bluetits      sunbathing chaffinch @uknaturegifts             
  Chaffinch Bathtime.                                   Young Bluetits                               Sunbathing Chaffinch.

Young Dunnock         Woodpecker tongue     Siskin Reds  
           Young Dunnock                                Woodpecker 'tongue'                                         Siskin Reds  

           Robin paint    Chaffinch male    Coal Tit    
Robin paint.                                    Chaffinch male.                                     Coal Tit.

None of these images have been altered - those looking more 'painterly' were taken at the very edge of my zoom

you see what I saw...

More images to come - watch this space!