Mammals @uknaturegifts
(All images copyrighted to Barbara Bromhead-Wragg)

young hedgehog 'uknaturegifts      Grinning Fox      bat @uknaturegifts     
                                       Young hedgehog.                                        Young Fox                                  Long-eared Bat.                                            

 lambs @uknaturegifts      collie @uknaturegifts      rowlstone squirrel @uknaturegifts
                        Lambs.                                                          Brock.                                               Rowlstone Squirrel.                

grey seal and pups @uknaturegifts      laughing hedgehog @uknaturegifts      horses on beach @uknaturegifts
Grey Seal & pups.                                  Laughing hedgehog.                                         Beach horses.

jenny donkey @uknaturegifts           jack donkey @uknaturegifts           donkey foal @uknaturegifts
Jenny donkey.                                         Jack donkey.                                               Donkey foal.

squirrel at play @uknaturegifts    Young Hedgehog 3    young fox @uknaturegifts
Squirrel at play.                                     Hedgehog youngster.                                                      Young fox.

horse 1 @uknaturegifts                    horses @uknaturegifts                    horse 2 @uknaturegifts
Lancero.                                           Lancero & Laddie.                                          Laddie.

Rabbit & Chick      Young squirrel with Hazelnut      Bunny love
                   Rabbit and Pheasant Chick.                                                 Young squirrel with Hazelnut.                                                Bunny Love