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Re-useable 'bookmark' card with trio of Hedgehogs image.

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Re-useable 'bookmark' card with trio of Hedgehogs image.

These cards are handmade and designed to be re-used as a bookmark. The trio of images are printed on photographic paper for durability. Simply trim around the image, leaving a small margin.
Designed and made by Barbara Bromhead-Wragg from her garden wildlife photographs. Dimensions: 150x105mm. Weight: 15g.

With over 70 designs we have a wide variety of Bookmark Cards: animals, bees, birds, butterflies & flowers – lots to choose from! (We'll work on uploading some more as soon as we can...)

Cards also available as gift cards that can be added to an order & sent with your message directly to the recipient. Your message is printed on a slip of paper within the card, enabling it for future use.

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These three Hedgehogs were all youngsters that trundled into the yard late one morning. To give you an idea of their size, the bowl in the second image is a small cat's water bowl . We were worried to see the little ones out at first; to see them in the middle of the day can indicate they aren't well. However, mum wasn't far behind. We lived on a working farm at that point, so it's likely they'd been disturbed and the mother moved her youngsters on.

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