Fritillary Blue Round Board Dining Art For 2

FBRBD2 detail
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Circular dining art tableware set for 2, with Fritillary Blue image.

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Circular dining art tableware set for 2, with Fritillary Blue image.

Stylish British nature inspired 'dining art' tableware set, attractive & hard-wearing, with a high-gloss polymer surface. Produced at 200oC, they handle heat and spills easily and make a colourful addition to your dining room or kitchen.

Round nature dining art: coaster 90mm; table mat: 230x2mm; server: 280x2mm. Weight of set for 2 (2 coasters, 2 table mats, 1 server): 519g.

Not suitable for dishwashers; wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth. A full set includes coasters, table mats & server but available in other options: table mats alone, coasters & table mats or table mats & servers – please enquire.

Make a place for nature in your home space...

This Snake’s Head Fritillary (fritillaria meleagris) popped up as a surprise one morning, amongst the Speedwell, which gives the rich blue background to this popular image.
I spotted these flowers from my workroom window as the sun shone through their petals. The blooms are transitory, only around for a day or so.

From our Black Mountains gardens to your home…

Practical and attractive British Nature Gifts to celebrate & promote the wealth of flora & fauna in our Isles. Whether dining art & surface savers, bags, bookmark cards or more, we have a range of bespoke, stylish gifts for the discerning nature lover. UK nature gifts for the home or individual.