About UK Nature Gifts

‘From my Black Mountains garden to you..’

I love making practical and attractive, (function & form) pieces that bring British wildlife into our homes, in everyday items..

For over 12 years, I’ve focused most of my photography on the wildlife in my garden, recording visiting and resident creatures of all kinds. I've yet to run out of subjects. The more I look, the more there is to see..

My husband teases me that word has got round and the wildlife comes to find me! (Stewarding one day at Wye Valley Crafts, a crow waddled over the doorstep and looked at me as if to say, "Well..? Here I am.")

Celebrating the wildlife on my doorstep, I encourage others to imagine what visitors they might attract to their gardens…..It’s as easy as planting flowers for bees & butterflies or feeding the birds and hedgehogs…

How exactly do we save a landscape..? It’s so big.... where do we start..?

We can create habitat in our gardens and and spaces. Eventually, all these ‘bits’ join up, like a jigsaw... We can and do make a difference.

What do you see in your garden or window box?

Since 2020 I've been looking closer, photographing and filming all sorts of Mini-beasts.

With climate change, a big worry is the low numbers of insects, many of whom pollinate our food alongside bees.
Just planting pollinator flowers and avoiding pesticides in your space, where possible, will make a difference to insect numbers


Bespoke Printing service - commissions

Making your treasured memories into personalised gifts.

Anniversaries, birthdays & once in a lifetime holidays, to man's best friend or Dad's old motor.

If you would like your photos or designs printed, Barbara can help.
Please get in touch to learn more.