Barbara focuses her photography within & around her Black Mountains gardens, recording visiting and resident wildlife to share her passion for our natural landscape. She reports often using her kitchen as a hide!

Celebrating British Nature: Flora, Fauna & Landscape

Barbara’s mission is to celebrate British nature, seeking to encourage others to think about what they might see in their garden & consider making a little space for the wealth of life within our isles.

A landscape is a huge amorphous thing, hard to get your head around..

“How exactly do we save a landscape??

The answer is little by little & garden by garden is a great start – eventually all these ‘bits’ will join up!”

To further her purpose, Barbara designs & makes her range of ‘bookmark’ cards , dining art & gifts, from her photos.

Whether making her cards, photographic ‘birdy’ bunting or dining art, Barbara enjoys creating attractive & practical items as much as she enjoys talking to people at events, to promote dialogue on wildlife.

Want to make your garden or space friendlier to wildlife?

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Barbara makes small batches of her gifts for nature lovers. Each item can vary slightly in colour or design due to the single item production, plus a number of variables.

Her photography is neither filtered nor re-worked, preferring that 'you see what I saw'

Printing commissions

Would you like a piece printed from your own photo or design? Commissions are accepted.