Remember to check bonfires and leaf piles for hedgehogs

It’s that time of year again. The trees are changing colour and dropping leaves. Often at this time of year we collect leaf piles and bonfires, to tidy the garden for the coming winter.

Our hedgehog visitors are beginning to think about hibernating around now, so do remember to check your bonfires and leaf piles before burning, most especially if they’ve been sat for a while – they are a lovely space for hedgehogs to curl up in.
This is good practice later on too, as most are likely to move nesting sites at least once during this period.

Food Resources - Hedgehogs need to be a certain weight to hibernate safely.
Autumn & winter months are especially important for them to get enough food. If you plan on feeding your hedgehogs, don’t give them bread & milk. You can buy specialist hedgehog food. Cat food goes down well too.

Between our Hedgehogs and Song Thrushes, there aren’t many slugs & snails to bother my plants, so - Keep your spiny garden visitors safe & they’ll take care of a variety of pests in your garden!