Autumn Gold Keyring

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Stylish keyring with 'Autumn Gold' image

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Tags: Birds  Goldfinch


Stylish keyring with 'Autumn Gold' image

Do you lose your keys or get them mixed up with your partner's?
Keep yours grouped together & visible with our british nature inspired stylish metal keyrings. Reassuringly high-quality, these make an attractive and useful gift.

Available in a range of British Nature designs. Packaged in own gift box.
Dimensions: 75x25x3mm, loop diameter 30mm. Weight in gift box: 40g

Make a place for nature in your home space...

Autumn Gold: Goldfinches have become regular visitors to the garden. The only thing they love more than Niger seed is sunflower hearts. This chap was captured one autumn day sitting in the bush nearest the feeders. The time of year gave me the idea for the title.
This image is one of my ‘painterly birds’ – taken on the very edge of my zoom before the image degrades, it has more of a painterly feel than other, crisper photos.

From our Black Mountains gardens to your home…

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