Cheeky Bullfinch Card Protector

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'Cheeky Bullfinch' card case.

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'Cheeky Bullfinch' card case.

Keep your business, debit credit cards clean & safe with our stylish metal cases. Available in a variety of British wildlife designs, these have their own box. Will take approx 30 business cards or 8 debit/credit cards.

Dimensions: 9.2x6.1x1cm. Weight when packed in own box 67g.

Make a place for nature in your home space...

Male Bullfinch with dandelion 'beard'. We are lucky to have pair of these lovely birds, who visit several times a year. This male and his mate were happily munching on the dandelion seeds in July. The male looked so comical with his beak full of dandelion seeds, almost a 'who, me?'. My eye was caught by the depth of colour of his feathers in the summer – in winter they are paler in colouring. I nurture a wish that they will stay to breed & eat more of the weeds!

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