Flip Duck Pill box

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British nature inspired pillbox with 'Flip duck' image.

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British nature inspired pillbox with 'Flip duck' image.

Do you have a tablet to take with food or at a set time?
Our british nature inspired metal pill boxes make a discrete & useful way of carrying your medication while out for a meal or a meeting.

Push button opening keeps the lid closed until you want to open it, with a white plastic insert (divided into 3) & mirrored lid. Customers tell me they are also handy as travel or trinket pots.

Available in a range of British Nature designs & packed in own box. Dimensions: 48x14mm. Weight in box: 32g

Make a place for nature in your home space...

This male duck was on the pond at Abbey Mill, in Tintern. He spent a good half hour upside down, occasionally coming up for air. When he finally came upright, he had pond-weed trailing from his beak, so there was something testy down there..
His antics, with his legs waving in the air made me smile, so I had to capture him. I can usually tell when customers spot this image, due to the smile that appears on their faces – I’m not the only one to find amusement in him..


From our Black Mountains gardens to your home…

Practical and attractive British Nature Gifts to celebrate & promote the wealth of flora & fauna in our Isles.
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