Bee Blossom, round board coaster

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Round board coaster, with Buff tailed bumblebee queen on wild plum blossom image.

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Round board coaster, with Buff tailed bumblebee queen on wild plum blossom image.

Our british nature inspired coasters are a fun way to bring the outside into any room in your home or office. With a glossy hard-wearing polymer coating on sturdy hardboard, they are practical around children and pets.

Our high-quality coasters cope easily with spillages – simply wipe clean - no muss, no fuss. A great visual aid to teach children about the wildlife in your garden: Bees, birds, butterflies, flowers animals & more, we offer a wide choice to suit the budding nature lover in your family.

Available singly or a selection of our wide range of British Nature images.
Not suitable for dishwashers, instead wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth.
Dimensions: 9cm diameter, depth 2mm, weight 22g.

Make a place for nature in your home space...

Buff tailed bumblebee queen on Wild Plum blossom. In the warmer parts of the UK, fully active winter colonies of this species are regularly recorded, even when temperatures are close to freezing and there is snow on the ground! You can help them by planting Aconite or other winter-flowering plant species.

From our Black Mountains gardens to your home…

Practical and attractive British Nature Gifts to celebrate & promote the wealth of flora & fauna in our Isles. Whether dining art & surface savers, bags, bookmark cards or more, we have a range of bespoke, stylish gifts for the discerning nature lover. UK nature gifts for the home or individual.