Foxglove Glass Dining Art for 2

FGGD2 FGGD2 surface detail


Elegant glass tableware set for 2, White Foxglove image.

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Elegant glass tableware set for 2, White Foxglove image.

Our british nature inspired glass tableware, brings british flowers and wildlife into your home.
Make a statement with our glass dining art for your kitchen or dining room. Whether a new or established household, our glass tableware will grace your table with a sumptuous touch of luxury, either for guests or that cosy evening in.

Elegant and sophisticated, a great talking point at dinner parties. Both attractive and practical, each piece is made from heat tempered glass and printed with a choice of our beautiful british nature images.

The material copes easily with heat & spillages; with 4 feet to save your surfaces from scratching & for easy stacking, our bespoke glass dining set makes the perfect gift for the nature lover at home.

Full glass dining art set comprises: coasters, table mats & server. Also available in other options: coasters & table mats only or table mats & servers – please enquire.

Not suitable for dishwashers; wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth.

Mixed surfaces: the glass mat and server are rippled (chinchilla), the coaster is smooth. Table mats and server each packaged in their own cardboard box. Cutlery not included.

Dimensions: coasters 100x100x3mm, table mats 200x280x3mm, server 280x390x3mm. Depth includes feet. 


Make a place for nature in your home space...

White foxgloves particularly catch my eye, with their height and their shapely trumpets. Another flower taken with macro on a sunny day, to let the structure emerge from the dark background & the plant showcase its glory.

From our Black Mountains gardens to your home…

Practical and attractive British Nature Gifts to celebrate & promote the wealth of flora & fauna in our Isles.
Whether dining art & surface savers, bags, bookmark cards or more, we have a range of bespoke, stylish gifts for the discerning nature lover. UK nature gifts for the home or individual.