Best laid plans..

Message for customers

Apologies that I was unable to attend the Zoom event on 28th June; my husband was taken into hospital in the early hours of that morning.

If you joined the Doorstep Living Chepstow Online Craft Fair expecting to see me there, I am sorry to have disappointed you but feel sure you will understand. 

Excellent care by NHS - many thanks to you all

Happily I brought Tim home on 2nd July and he's making a good recovery after treatment for a heart issue.
He has to take it easy for a few weeks, which he isn't used to doing, so I've been working on keeping him occupied..! :)

We both wish to give a heart-felt thank you to NHS staff in Abergavenny, Cardiff and between. Tim received excellent care, from paramedics and transport to nursing and treatment.

We are so very grateful to you all.