Big Garden birdwatch this weekend! 25-27 January

Are you ready for the Big Garden birdwatch? 25-27th January.

This weekend I’ll be tucked up in my kitchen with a coffee, recording which feathered visitors are visiting. Regular visitors are the Blue, Coal, Great & Long-tailed tits but we’ve been having other regular visitors too.

I first spotted the Marsh tit, pictured above, as a young bird, (still round & fluffy looking) early August 2017. This autumn & winter they’ve become a daily visitor and as the weeks have passed, we’ve seen up to 3 at one time - who knows, there may be more..

Definitely one to watch out for this summer as the young chicks begin to stretch their wings..!

If you're new to the birds in your garden, RSPB have a handy online id tool as well as a quick guide to the most common garden birds

How to take part in the Big Garden birdwatch

  • Watch the birds for one hour
    Choose an hour between 25 and 27 January to watch the birds in your garden, local park or green space.
  • Count the most birds that land at once
    Only count the birds that land in your garden or park, not those flying over. The same birds may land more than once, so you can avoid double counting by recording the highest number of each bird species you see at any one time – not the total number you count over the hour.
  • Tell RSPB what you saw
    Whether your garden has lots of birds or just crows & pigeons, a flock or sparrows or no wildlife at all, your observations are valuable. The more people who join in, the better. You can submit your results online at from 25 January until 16 February.
  • You can also record the other wildlife in your garden or space, whether newts, foxes or more..
    These other sightings can help build a clearer picture of the wildlife out there

Do you own land? The Big Farm Bird Count 7 is 7 - 16 February.

This is a great opportunity to start or add to your own conservation records. It’s also a great chance for local birders and farmers to team up and do the survey together.

The Big Farm Bird Count is in its 7th year. If you are a farmer or landowner, you can help by counting the birds on farmland & fields. 

How to take part in three simple steps

1) Download your count sheet from the BFBC website 

2) Count your birds! On a day between 7th and 16th February, spend about 30 minutes recording the species and number of birds seen on one particular area of the farm.

3) Once you've completed your count, simply submit your results at 

If you want help to find someone to collaborate with please contact Tony Norman Email: