Butterfly tableware delivered to its new home

This week the water had gone down & we were able to deliver the customer's order. Mixed butterfly board dining art for 6, with two servers.

It had been requested that each item show a different butterfly - so 14 in all. I have a total of 15, so just managed! 
Here they are in their new home, listed clockwise from top left.

Place mats: Peacock on Buddliea, Painted Lady on Geranium, Gatekeeper on variegated shrub, Speckled Wood on Laurel, Small Tortoiseshell on Hawkweed, Orange tip male on Lady Smock. 
Coasters, from top left: Holly Blue, Brimstone, Red Admiral, Ringlet, Meadow Brown male, Essex Skipper.
Servers left to right: Comma on rose leaf & Small Copper on Hawkweed.