New British Bees image and competition

I’m pleased to announce that the Wye Valley Crafts shop reopened this weekend and, to celebrate, I've  added a new design to my British Bee images.

The glass piece is ready in place at the WVCA shop, Abbey Mill, Tintern, but I struggled to decide which of these two designs to print for I decide to put it to a vote.
As a thank you, I’m offering one of two of sets of my British Bee glass coasters, made from your choice of my bee images, (4 coasters per set, choice of square or round).

Competition time!

I’m opening the competition here for an email vote. Please vote for one of A, B or C as below, by emailing me at:, with ‘British Bee competition’ in the subject line.
Email voting will close at midnight Monday 10th of August 2020.

 A = Whole poppy (with dark background)

B = Close-up view of bee amongst the petals

C = Both / You can't decide either..! J

I'll put names in a hat on 11th August & contact the two lucky winners to ask for their favourite four of my British Bee images..!

Extra info and 'rules'.

Although this post was inspired by the competition running on Facebook, this is effectively a separate competition with its own, separate draw.
Total prizes available for both draws together = 4 sets of British Bee glass coasters – (set of 4 square or round glass coasters.)
One email vote per person please.

Data protection

All email addresses are treated in strictest confidence and stored securely.
Unless you give consent or have previously given your consent to our using your details for marketing offers. If you have not given consent to marketing communications, your email address will only be used for the processing of your prize, should you be one of the lucky winners. 

UK Nature Gifts British Bee image range - which are your favourite four...?

AB thumb AMB thumb BB thumb IB thumb
LB thumb SPB thumb TB thumb WDN thumb
WI thumb YFB crop thumb RPB thumb  

Do bees have favourite flowers?

Over the years, I’ve seen many bees on a number of flowers. It seems to me that the bees have their favourite flowers too! With some flowers, Dog Rose, Foxglove and this poppy amongst others, the bees’ hum will climb in pitch…they stay longer on these flowers too

This British Bumblebee really loved the poppy. I watched it repeatedly land on this single flower & climb under the pollen laded areas to spend 20-30 seconds there gathering pollen..
Each time, the bee flew out of the flower and circled it before flying in from a new direction and climbing back in for yet another go!

The glass worktop saver pictured is available now at the WVCA shop, Abbey Mill, Tintern. It will be available both at The Makers (Crickhowell) gallery and here on the website very soon!