New items for Monmouth Rolls 23-24th November 2019

What are your plans this weekend? I'll be at the beautiful old building that was the home of the Rolls family, (think Charles Rolls of Rolls Royce...)

I've been working hard this week, adding more products here on the website & printing new stock - see above - for this weekend, Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th November, at the Monmouth Rolls Golf Club. 

A truly lovely event, with a wide range of high-quality items to buy if you're doing your Christmas shopping. Stands will be found through the ground floor of the house from the Orangery to the Billiards Room. You can walk down the wooden-panelled halls to have coffee & cake in the library.

It's an amazing old place & well worth taking advantage of the opportunity to visit, aside from the shopping available..They also ferry you from the car park to the door & back! What more could you wish for? 

Come along & explore, 10.30am to 3.30pm both days.


As you can see from the above picture, I've been working on some bags. The old favourite of the laptop/file bag is still going strong. I decided to try a couple of new styles too. There's a mini-reporter bag, at 22.5x23cm a great size if you just want to carry a few items for a day out... The other is 30x30cm. Both have adjustable straps.

I'll do my best to get a few of the bags added to the catalogue soon but if you are interested in the meantime, do get in touch