Chive Bee Pill box

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Field Cuckoo bee pill box. 

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Field Cuckoo bee pill box. 

Do you have a tablet to take with food or at a set time? Our british nature inspired metal pill boxes make a discrete & useful way of carrying your medication while out for a meal or a meeting.

Push button opening keeps the lid closed until you want to open it, with a white plastic insert (divided into 3) & mirrored lid. Available in a range of British Nature designs & packed in own box.

Dimensions: 48x14mm. Weight in box: 32g

Make a place for nature in your home space...

Male Field cuckoo bee on chive flowers. Cuckoo bees have no pollen baskets &, as the name suggests, are a social parasite.

Unable to establish their own nests, the cuckoo female must use the larval cells and cups made by the host queen. Also, cuckoos are unable to rear workers.
The field Cuckoo bee mostly targets the Common Carder bee.

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