Chive bee, square board coaster

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Square board coaster, with Field Cuckoo Bee on Chive flowers.

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Square board coaster, with Field Cuckoo Bee on Chive flowers.

Our british nature inspired coasters are a fun way to bring the outside into any room in your home or office.

With a glossy hard-wearing polymer coating on sturdy hardboard, they are really practical around children and pets. Our high-quality coasters cope easily with spillages – simply wipe clean - no muss, no fuss.

Available singly or a selection of our wide range of British Nature images. A great visual aid to teach children about the wildlife in your garden: Bees, birds, butterflies, flowers animals & more, we offer a wide choice to suit the budding nature lover in your family.

Not suitable for dishwashers, instead wipe clean with a soft, damp cloth. Dimensions: 9x9cm, depth 2mm. Weight: 27g.

Make a place for nature in your home space...

Field cuckoo bee male on chive flowers. Cuckoo bees have no pollen baskets &, as the name suggests, are a social parasite. Unable to establish their own nests, the cuckoo female must use the larval cells and cups made by the host queen. Also, cuckoos are unable to rear workers. The cuckoo bee merely lays females and males like herself, and these offspring are likewise limited, in that they cannot perform the tasks that worker bees of the social species can undertake, in order to sustain the colony (building wax cells and collecting pollen). The field Cuckoo bee mostly targets the Common Carder bee.

From our Black Mountains gardens to your home…

Practical and attractive British Nature Gifts to celebrate & promote the wealth of flora & fauna in our Isles. Whether dining art & surface savers, bags, bookmark cards or more, we have a range of bespoke, stylish gifts for the discerning nature lover. UK nature gifts for the home or individual.