Clouds and birdsong

Watch the clouds drift past on a warm sunny day, as you relax to the soothing sound of birdsong from my garden.

Summer clouds & birdsong for meditation.

Filmed with the camera pointing upwards at the sky & next to the flowering shrub our birds use as a base near the feeding station.

Before you continue to YouTube

Listen closely and you'll hear the bees moving from flower to flower and also the flutter of wings as birds flit to & from the feeders.

Watch for the bird that appears to fly around a shaft of light..!

More birdsong from my garden, to lift your mood.  This video includes more from our 'songster' bird. Can you hear the first 5 notes of at least 3 different songs?

One of these 5-note calls was a surprise to hear from a British bird..."oh say can you see"...?!